Home Brewing
In a nut shell
A: Get your ingredients 4 Lbs Liquid
Malt, 2 Lbs Dry Malt, and a German
Hefeweizen for the yeast.
B:  Heat up 1 US Gallon of water and
mix the liquid and the dry malt together
in there until they are fully dissolved.
C:  Put 4 US Gallons of water into the
sterile fermentation bucket and add the
heated malt mix.
Once the bubbles are about 2 Minutes apart it is time to bottle the beer.  The entire beer gets syphoned over into the bottling bucket together with a mix between 1 cup of water and one cup of corn sugar (for carbonation).
For 5 US Gallons of Beer
you need approximately 40
1/2 Liter (22 Oz)Bottles or
60 0.33 Liter (12 Oz) Bottles
D:  Add the Hefeweizen, put a lid on it
with the Airlock and let ferment.  This
may take up to 2 weeks or longer.
We fill it into bottles which can be either bought at your Home Brew Supply Store or if you have a Restaurant or Bar in your neighborhood that serves German Beer you can ask them if they can keep
some bottles for you.
About 2 weeks later the beer should
be ready for consumption.  Prost!
Colorado Springs Brewers!  Still not sure about brewing your own?    I do house-calls and will teach
you the entire process.  That sure is an investment well spend. (Fee is $30 plus 45 cent a mile,
round trip
) Email
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